Committee Recruitment – Apply


  • Please Note:
    - All positions on the BCSS Committee are up for election.
    - The AGM will be held at 4:00pm on Wednesday 20th September 2023.
    - Please check the 2024 Position Descriptions on our website for further clarification and detail on the available positions.
    - Nominators and Seconders needs to be a Monash Clayton student and BCSS member at the time of the AGM.
    - You will have to attend the AGM to be elected, regardless of whether you completed this form.
    - Applications submitted after 11:59pm, Wednesday 13th September will not be accepted.
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  • Nominators and Seconders are names of students that support your nomination to the position. Nominators and Seconders cannot be the same individual and both need to be a Clayton Student and BCSS member at the time of the AGM.
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