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2018 BCSS Memberships will be available during O-Week (19-22 February 2018)

With MSA card: $10
Without MSA card: $15

You can now purchase your 2018 membership here!

Membership includes a 2018 BCSS showbag containing:

  • BCSS playing cards
  • BCSS drink bottle
  • BCSS flask
  • BCSS bottle opener
  • Firm merchandise
  • and much much more…

Discounted rates to all events including:

  • Commerce Ball
  • Good vs Evil Party
  • Booze Cruise
  • Corporate Cocktails
  • End of Exams Parties (EOX)
  • and many more

Access to all BCSS publications including:

  • 2018 BCSS Careers Guide
  • Networking Guide
  • BCSS Weekly Newsletter (upcoming events, internship opportunities, competitions, faculty news)

Access to all BCSS networking functions, connecting students with potential employers.

  • Welcome BBQ
  • Corporate Cocktails
  • First Year Information Session
  • Business Focus Breakfast

Access to our Professional Development programs:

  • How to Network Session
  • Firm Specific Information Sessions
  • 2018 BCSS Careers Guide